Arlo Camera Not Recording – (Problem Solved)

If your Arlo camera is not recording, check the camera’s power source and connectivity for potential issues. It is important to troubleshoot these areas to ensure proper functioning of your Arlo camera.

Arlo cameras are a well-known decision for home security because of their remote capacities and simple arrangement. Be that as it may, now and again you might experience issues with your camera not recording. Regardless, this can be perplexing as it compromises the justification for having a reconnaissance camera.

We will investigate a few normal justifications for why your Arlo camera may not be recording and give investigating moves toward assisting you with settling the issue. By keeping these rules, you can guarantee that your Arlo camera is working appropriately and giving the truly necessary reconnaissance to your home or business. 

Why is Your Arlo Camera Not Recording

Arlo Camera Not Recording

On the off chance that you are encountering issues with your Arlo camera not recording, there could be a couple of normal issues that might be causing this. Troubleshooting these issues can help you get your camera back to recording as it should. Here are a few normal issues and tips to determine them:

Common Issues with Arlo Camera Recording

  1. Insufficient Power: Ensure that your Arlo camera is receiving enough power. Check the battery or connection to the power source.
  2. Wi-Fi Connectivity: Make sure your camera has a stable Wi-Fi connection to transmit the recording. Check your router and signal strength.
  3. Camera Positioning: Verify that your Arlo camera is correctly positioned and capturing the desired area. Adjust its angle and placement if necessary.
  4. Storage Space: Check if the storage space on your Arlo base station or cloud storage is full. Delete unnecessary recordings or upgrade your storage plan if needed.
  5. Software Updates: Ensure that your Arlo camera’s firmware is up to date. Check for any available updates and perform them if necessary.

By investigating these normal issues, you can resolve the issue of your Arlo camera not recording and guarantee that it keeps on catching the significant minutes you depend on.

Insufficient Power Supply

One of the common reasons why your Arlo camera may not be recording is due to insufficient power supply. It is essential to check your Arlo camera power source to ensure that it is receiving adequate power.

If you are using batteries to power your Arlo camera, it is crucial to replace the batteries if they are low or drained. Make a point to involve excellent batteries for ideal execution.

If you have a rechargeable Arlo camera, charge the camera to ensure it has enough power to record. Connect the camera to its charging cable or docking station and leave it to charge fully.

By checking the power source and either replacing the batteries or charging the camera, you can resolve the issue of your Arlo camera not recording and ensure continuous surveillance.

Connectivity Problems

Experiencing difficulty with your Arlo camera not recording? One of the normal causes could be network issues. Consequently, evaluating your web association first is fundamental. Guarantee your Wi-Fi signal strength is adequately ready to help the camera’s ability to record. Consider utilizing range extenders or passageways to further develop your Arlo camera’s Wi-Fi signal strength all through your home.

Incorrect Camera Placement

Arlo cameras not recording can be a baffling issue, but rather it can frequently be settled by guaranteeing the right camera position. For ideal execution, picking the right areas for Arlo’s camera placement is significant. One vital element to consider is the legitimate point and impediment-free view.

Guarantee the camera is arranged so it gets the best area with no genuine impediments. This will guarantee clear and continuous film. Moreover, putting the camera at a reasonable level can limit the possibilities of altering or robbery.

By noticing these principles, you can redesign the reasonability of your Arlo camera structure and assurance that it records when it has the greatest effect.

Disabled Or Misconfigured Motion Detection

With regards to investigating an Arlo Camera that isn’t recording, one normal issue could be debilitated or misconfigured movement discovery. To determine this issue, you want to empower movement identification on your Arlo Camera and change the movement settings as required.

To empower movement discovery on your Arlo Camera, access the Arlo application or web-based interface and explore to the camera settings. Search for the movement recognition choice and guarantee it is turned on. Once empowered, you can tweak the awareness, action zones, and other movement settings to meet your particular necessities.

Changing the Arlo Camera movement settings can assist with forestalling deceptions and guarantee exact movement discovery. Test the movement recognition by strolling before the camera’s field of view to affirm that it triggers recording occasions true to form.

By empowering and appropriately designing movement discovery on your Arlo Camera, you can guarantee that it begins recording when movement is recognized, furnishing you with essential security and genuine serenity.

Camera Firmware Issues

If you are experiencing problems with your Arlo camera not recording, one potential issue could be outdated camera firmware. It is crucial to keep your camera firmware up to date as it contains important updates and bug fixes that might resolve your recording problems.

To update the firmware on your Arlo camera, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Arlo app on your mobile device or access the Arlo web portal on your computer.
  2. Navigate to the settings of your Arlo camera.
  3. Check for any available firmware updates.
  4. If an update is available, proceed to install it.
  5. Once the firmware update is complete, restart your Arlo camera and check if the recording issue has been resolved.

If updating the firmware does not solve the problem, performing a factory reset on your Arlo camera can be another troubleshooting step. However, keep in mind that this process will erase all your camera settings and configurations.

To play out a production line reset on your Arlo camera:

  1. Find the reset button on your Arlo camera.
  2. Press and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds until the LED lights on the camera blink.
  3. Release the reset button, and your Arlo camera will reset to its factory default settings.
  4. Set up the camera again using the Arlo app or web portal.

Storage Limitations

Arlo cameras give incredible security highlights, however, in some cases, you might experience issues with accounts. One normal issue is capacity limits. It’s crucial to check your Arlo camera’s neighborhood stockpiling ability to guarantee accounts are not being impacted. Assuming your camera’s stockpiling is full, recording new footage will not be possible. Checking the neighborhood stockpiling limit should be possible through the Arlo application or web interface.

Notwithstanding neighborhood stockpiling, Arlo offers distributed storage memberships that can give a helpful arrangement. Arlo Distributed storage permits you to store and access accounts in the cloud, guaranteeing that you never miss any significant film. Buying into Arlo Distributed storage likewise offers extra advantages, for example, expanded video history and high-level elements like individual recognition.

By taking into account both neighborhood stockpiling restrictions and using Arlo Distributed storage, you can guarantee that your Arlo camera generally records with no interference. Keep steady over your camera’s stockpiling limit and keep your home or business safeguarded with Arlo’s dependable security arrangements. 

Scheduled Recordings Not Set Up

In order to troubleshoot the issue of Arlo cameras not recording, it is important to check if scheduled recordings have been properly set up. To configure the scheduled recordings for your Arlo camera, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Arlo account.
  2. Select the “Settings” tab.
  3. Click on “My Devices” and choose the camera you want to configure.
  4. Under the “Device Settings” section, click on “Schedule” to access the recording schedule.
  5. Verify that the correct time zone is selected and make any necessary adjustments.
  6. Review the existing schedule and ensure that it aligns with your desired recording times. You can add or remove specific time slots to match your preferences.

If the issue persists even after setting up the recording schedule correctly, there might be other factors contributing to the problem. Consider checking the camera’s firmware updates, power source, and internet connection stability. Performing these checks should help you troubleshoot the Arlo camera not recording issue effectively.

Inadequate Camera Settings

If you’re facing the issue of your Arlo camera not recording, it could be due to inadequate camera settings. To ensure proper functionality, it is essential to modify the Arlo camera quality and mode settings.

When it comes to camera quality settings, **adjust the resolution** to ensure that it is appropriate for your requirements. Higher resolutions may result in larger file sizes and may require more storage space. Additionally, consider **adjusting the frame rate**, as a higher frame rate may result in smoother video playback but can also consume more bandwidth. Moreover, **optimize the video compression** settings to strike a balance between video quality and file size.

Regarding mode settings, **check the motion detection sensitivity** to ensure that it is not set too low or too high. A sensitivity that is set too low may cause the camera to miss important events, while a sensitivity that is set too high may trigger false alarms. Moreover, **verify the motion detection zones**, making sure that the camera is set to monitor the appropriate areas. Adjusting these settings can help avoid unnecessary recordings and ensure that your Arlo camera captures the events that matter.

System Overload

Arlo Camera Not Recording

Arlo Camera clients might experience issues with their cameras not recording because of framework over-burden. It is pivotal to assess the limit of your Arlo Camera framework to guarantee ideal execution. This assessment ought to incorporate surveying the number of cameras associated with the framework and how many films being recorded.

To reduce the load on the Arlo Camera system and prevent recording issues, consider the following:

  • Limit the number of cameras connected to the system to avoid overwhelming the network.
  • Adjust the motion detection sensitivity to prevent unnecessary recordings triggered by movements such as tree branches or pets.
  • Routinely survey and erase superfluous film to let loose extra room.
  • Ensure a stable internet connection to allow seamless recording and prevent interruptions.
  • Consider upgrading your subscription plan to accommodate higher storage and usage requirements.

Via cautiously assessing your Arlo Camera framework limit and executing these actions, you can streamline its presentation and guarantee a solid recording experience.

Contacting Arlo Support

Reaching Arlo Backing is fundamental when you are encountering issues with your Arlo camera not recording. To determine this issue, it means quite a bit to connect with Arlo’s client service for help. They have devoted help channels that can give direction and investigating tips to assist you with getting your camera recording once more.

Arlo’s investigating rules are intended to offer bit-by-bit guidelines to resolve normal issues. By observing these rules, you can guarantee that you take care of all the fundamental investigating ventures before connecting with help.

There are multiple ways of reaching out to Arlo’s client service group. You can visit their authority site and access their help area where you can track down documentation, FAQs, and live talk choices. Also, they give email support and have a functioning local area discussion where you can get clarification on pressing issues and look for help from other Arlo clients.


Investigating issues with your Arlo camera not recording can be a baffling encounter. Nonetheless, by following the means illustrated in this blog entry, you can rapidly distinguish and determine the issue. Make sure to look at your web association, guarantee the camera is appropriately situated and has sufficient battery duration, and have a go at resetting the camera as a last resort.

Moreover, consistently refreshing your camera’s firmware and utilizing serious areas of strength for a secret phrase can assist with forestalling future recording issues. By going to these proactive lengths, you can guarantee that your Arlo camera works without a hitch and gives solid security to your home or business.

Try not to let recording issues keep you from partaking in the advantages of your Arlo camera framework—stay proactive and stay secure!

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