Cosori Pro II Air Fryer Review Secrets of Healthy Cooking

The Cosori Pro II Air Fryer has become quite popular with the release of a plethora of models and combinations. According to the Cosori Pro II Air Fryer, the appliance promises crispy results in everything from vegetables to cookies. But choosing the best air fryer for you can be a bit of a daunting task, as there are so many of them and they promise the best results in the kitchen.

Due to the increasing demand for air fryers these days, some of the best air fryers in the market are reviewed. From this review, I have chosen how to judge such performance. Right now I will create a comprehensive discussion on the performance of my air fryer and analyze whether this countertop air fryer is worth your investment.

Overall I love it for crisp food and easy cleanup. It is quite popular among all air fryers in the market as a kitchen appliance. Although, it promises to fry your favorite foods quickly.

You can cook French fries, burgers, chicken wings, and more with it all by itself, and it has instant update features to make cooking easier. I am really amazed by the performance of these crispy dishes so I am using it. With this, the air fryer uses a specific time and temperature for your perfect food which turns into crispy food.

Overview of Cosori Pro II Air Fryer

This machine includes a smart app to make your cooking process easier, upgraded with Alexa and Google Assistant voice controllers. This air Fryer device has a traditional basket with a handle, an attractive cooking train, and an LED touchscreen interface. With this LED touch screen device you can select functions other than air frying like reheat, defrost, toast, and bake.

This device is easy to use and easy to clean after cooking as it is dishwasher-safe. But what sets it apart from similar machines on the market is the VeSync app. This app will help you scan and get settings for store-bought food along with showing the nutritional information of the food before you cook it.

You can easily save presets for your cooking with online guided recipes and other convenient settings. With this intelligent device, you will also be able to save energy for cooking as it requires significantly less cooking time than conventional ovens and is also easy to clean.

COSORI Pro II Air Fryer

Design the Oven

This air fryer is an electric pressure cooker that is a smaller version of the same size as the slow cooker. But there’s plenty of room for cooking in its 5.8-quart basket. This is a customer-friendly reminder custom-made with product dimensions of 11.78″D x 13.87″ W x 12″ H. The black Cosori Pro II Air Fryer has components comprised of aluminum, plastic, and metal. You can cook for four to six people very easily.

Like other air fryers, it has a perforated design for air circulation which keeps the fryer cool. It creates airflow around the food, while liquids fall into a sturdy basket for easy cleanup. It is designed in such a way that the basket is less likely to come apart from accidents.

This device is equipped with an LED touchscreen to set all your cooking presets which are easy for your cook. You can adjust presets for different types of food with the touch panel based on the selected time and temperature setting.

Cooking Performance

It performs just as well as other Cosori Air Fryers I’ve tested in terms of basic functions but the one big difference is the app used. You can create various recipe presets with the help of the app such as steak, chicken, seafood, bacon, french fries, vegetables, shrimp, and many more. So far I have tried a few simple recipes with this Cosori Pro II Air Fryer such as grilled, cheese and potato wedges and the recipes have resulted in great crispy food.

I used it manually once. When I wanted to cook a chicken grill, I preset the chicken grill and got a perfect crispy chicken grill recipe. I then cooked my beef stack using the settings from that recipe. After setting the time and temperature, the beef stack turned out to be a delicious meal that I was pleasantly surprised to see. It is a self-contained Air Fryer that serves to cook everything by itself.

Setup Process

To use the app, you need to install Air Fryer’s VeSync app from the Google Play Store and download it from Apple Store for Apple users. I’ve already used that app for some smart plugs, so setup was easy for me. I found the Air Fryer very compatible with the app and the Air Fryer works quickly under the guidance of the app.

You can easily set up Google Home and Alexa after installing the app. Which came to life as soon as I said ‘Alexa turn on the air fryer’. Well, it was certainly easy for me. Before your first use, it is recommended to preheat the fryer and run it empty through the steak cooking cycle.


You can cook steak, poultry, fish shrimp, bacon, frozen food, french fries, vegetables, toast, and bake in the usual way on this air fryer with preset buttons with bar function. You can pre-heat the air Fryer with manual settings as well as manually set the time and temperature.

Halfway through your cooking, “shake” appears on the screen and the fryer beeps for foods that should be rearranged or flipped. Can be turned on or off with a button to shake your cooking time. You can ignore the beeping system if you don’t need a shaker for a particular recipe.

Once the food is fully cooked, you can turn on the keep-warm setting to keep the food at a safe serving temperature for 40 to 60 minutes.

You can set up a recipe with time and temperature with the Fryer app from anywhere in the house. First you can press the start button to turn it on. However, if you ask Alexa to preheat the fryer using the voice controller, it will turn on at the specified temperature. It can also be set for a specific time and temperature. You can turn on and off with voice control from any remote location.

Easy to Clean

Both the perforated basket and the outer basket are made with a nonstick coating, so nothing sticks to food. You can easily wash it by hand if you want and also your baskets are dishwasher safe.

I once cleaned the baskets in the dishwasher which fit awkwardly and took up a lot of space, so after one try I decided to hand wash. Washing by hand just makes a lot more sense to me.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I am very satisfied with the Cosori Pro II Air Fryer 5.8QT, so I would highly recommend it. Would recommend this to anyone in the market for a new air fryer in the cooking world! Due to its large size, this Fryer is suitable for any large family or those who entertain frequently.

It has tons of features that will benefit you to make your cooking life easier. If you are looking for an air fryer that will turn your food into crispy and healthy meals, then this one is definitely worth checking out for you.

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