How To Connect Blink to Alexa – A Complete Guide

To connect Blink to Alexa, open the Alexa application, go to the abilities segment, look for Blink, empower the Blink expertise, and connect your Blink record. Incorporating Blink surveillance cameras with Alexa permits you to control your Blink framework utilizing voice orders.

Alexa empowers you to arm or incapacitate your Blink cameras, view live feeds, or get movement cautions on viable Alexa gadgets. This mix upgrades the comfort and openness of your home security framework, giving you a consistent method for checking and controlling your cameras sans hands.

We will direct you through the method involved with associating Blink with Alexa so you can begin partaking in the advantages of this joining. Follow the means beneath to get everything moving.

How To Connect Blink to Alexa

How To Connect Blink to Alexa?

Connecting your Blink devices to Alexa can significantly enhance your smart home system. Thus, you can smooth out the administration of your shrewd gadgets and partake in a sans-hands insight with voice orders. With Blink and Alexa integration, you can effortlessly control your Blink security cameras, video doorbells, and more.

This seamless connection allows you to monitor your home even more conveniently, providing you with peace of mind. Imagine being able to check your Blink camera feeds just by asking Alexa, or receiving notifications through your Alexa-enabled devices. Whether you want to keep an eye on the front door or check on your pets, Blink and Alexa make it effortless.

With a simple setup process, you can connect your Blink devices and Alexa in no time. Integrate them seamlessly to unlock the full potential of your smart home system, making daily life easier and more efficient.

Step 1: Set Up Your Blink System

Install Blink camera(s)

First, install your Blink camera(s) at the desired locations. Make sure each camera is placed securely and within the range of your Wi-Fi network. Proper placement ensures optimal coverage and functionality.

Download and launch the Blink app

Then, download the Blink application on your cell phone or tablet from the Application Store or Google Play Store. Once installed, open the application to start the arrangement interaction.

Create a Blink account

After sending off the application, you will be provoked to make a Blink account. Give the necessary data, for example, your email address, secret phrase, and any extra subtleties. Make a point to pick serious areas of strength for a one-of-a-kind secret phrase to safeguard your record.

With your Blink camera(s) installed and the app set up, you are now ready to connect Blink to Alexa and enjoy the convenience of voice-controlled security and monitoring.

Step 2: Configure Your Alexa Device

To connect Blink to Alexa, you need to start by configuring your Alexa device. One important step is to ensure that your Alexa device is compatible. Make sure to check the compatibility requirements before proceeding. Whenever you have affirmed similarity, the following stage is to associate your Alexa gadget with Wi-Fi. Adhere to the directions given to your particular gadget to finish this interaction. Finally, link your Alexa device with your Amazon account. This will allow you to access your Blink camera and control it using voice commands through Alexa. Make sure to enter the correct Amazon account information to successfully link the two devices. Take note that following these steps in the correct order will ensure a smooth setup process for connecting Blink to Alexa.

Step 3: Empower The Blink Expertise On Alexa

To connect Blink to Alexa, follow these steps:

  • Open the Alexa application on your gadget.
  • Navigate to Skills & Games.
  • Look for the Blink ability and empower it.

Step 4: Discover Blink Devices

To connect Blink to Alexa, follow the steps given below:

Command Alexa to discover Blink devices and wait for Alexa to complete the discovery process. When the interaction is finished, you will want to control your Blink gadgets through Alexa. This integration allows you to use voice commands to arm or disarm your Blink devices, view live feeds, and receive alerts.

Step 5: Control Blink With Alexa Commands

Use voice commands to interact with Blink devices and have full control over your home security system. Once you have successfully set up Blink on your Alexa device, you can arm and disarm the Blink system by simply using your voice. Just say, “Alexa, arm the Blink system” or “Alexa, disarm Blink.”

In addition to arming and disarming, you can also set up motion detection announcements to receive alerts when motion is detected. This feature allows you to stay updated on any activity happening around your home, providing an extra layer of security and peace of mind. You can customize the announcements to suit your preferences, choosing whether you want a chime or a custom message.

Step 6: Advanced Configurations

In Step 6 of connecting Blink to Alexa, you can explore advanced configurations to enhance your smart home experience. One way to do this is by creating Alexa routines for Blink. These routines allow you to automate specific actions based on certain triggers or events, such as arming or disarming your Blink system.

Another way to customize your Blink and Alexa integration is by managing notifications. With Blink, you can receive alerts for different types of events, such as motion detection or low battery. By integrating Blink with Alexa, you can control and tailor these notifications to your preferences. For example, you can choose to receive notifications only during specific times or days, or even customize the notification sound.

In addition to that, Blink can be integrated with other smart devices in your home. This opens up possibilities for creating more complex and interconnected automation scenarios. You can sync Blink with devices like smart lights, locks, or thermostats, allowing them to work together seamlessly to enhance your home’s security and convenience.

Troubleshooting Tips

Assuming you are confronting issues associating your Blink gadgets with Alexa, here are some investigating tips to assist you with settling the issue.

  • Check that your Blink devices and Alexa are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Ensure that both the Blink and Alexa apps are updated to the latest versions.
  • Restart your Blink devices, Alexa device, and Wi-Fi router to refresh the connections.
  • Try disabling and re-enabling the Blink skill in the Alexa app.
  • If Alexa is not discovering your Blink devices, ensure that they are properly set up and connected to your Blink account.
  • If you are unable to command Blink using Alexa, check that the specific Blink device is compatible with Alexa voice commands.
  • If you are still experiencing connection issues between Blink and Alexa, contact the Blink support team for further assistance.

By following these investigating tips, you ought to have the option to effectively interface your Blink gadgets to Alexa and control them flawlessly by utilizing voice orders.


Connecting Blink to Alexa is a simple and hassle-free process that enhances your smart home experience. With just a few easy steps, you can integrate your Blink camera system with Alexa and enjoy the convenience of voice-controlled surveillance. By following the guidelines mentioned in this blog, you can effortlessly connect Blink to Alexa and take full advantage of their combined functionalities.

So, why wait? Get started today and enjoy seamless home security with the power of Alexa.

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