Lutron Caseta Review Smart Lighting Alexa & Google Assistant

I currently use the Lutron Caseta Wireless to control my favorite smart lighting, so I am providing you with an honest Lutron Caseta Review. But for some, its Caseta Wireless Dimmer’s four symbol-festooned buttons can look busy and well-cheesy. It does the exact opposite of a new Lutron Diva Smart Dimmer. It looks exactly like Lutron’s conventional dimmer with a simple pedal switch with a physical slider on the right so it can control dimness.

It uses a 120-volt operating system through which you can use it very easily. You can use them together with a fan, and lights. If you want to turn it on and off with the help of a voice controller, you can do that through Alexa and Google Assistant.

To take full advantage of what Lutron Caseta can do, you must have Lutron’s Caseta Smart Hub hardwired into your router. In addition to letting you manage lights, the Caséta Hub lets you control Lutron’s excellent Serena smart window shades and any brand of ceiling fan. There are also indoor and outdoor Caseta smart plugs and a wall-mounted motion sensor.

The Caseta Deluxe Dimmer Kit with the Caseta Smart Hub gives you easy and personalized control of your lights, shades, and temperature. Or you can control it from anywhere in the world using the Pico remote control or the Smart Lutron app. Stay with me for more details about this Lutron Caseta Review.

Overview of Lutron Caseta

You can use this Lutron Caseta wirelessly to control your home lighting system. With them, you can seamlessly connect with other smart homes in your house, or you can control the systems using voice commands if you want. If you want to link it to a hub, you can control your lighting system through Samsung SmartThings, Wink, or Apple HomeKit.

Usually communicates using the Lutron Clear Connect protocol as it is proprietary. This Clear Connect uses a low-usage 400 MHz frequency band to communicate with a wireless technology device.

To use it you need to set up a wifi connection. You will need an Ethernet connection to your router if you want to access it. Then you can access the lighting system from anywhere with the help of a voice controller.

Design and Installation

Lutron Caseta Review

You can land this Lutron Caseta wireless switch in any room which will brighten up your room. It uses a variety of colors that look appropriately fancy, yet blend in with most home decor, allowing the lights to shine well.

Pressing the top button on the switch turns the lights on at full brightness while pressing the bottom button turns them off. The buttons in the middle of the switch are used for fine adjustments. Each light will feel like a high-tech, luxury fixture after you use it, but the controls will feel completely familiar to those who have used them before.

All you’ll need to install it is a screwdriver and a swap that might take a few minutes. It will need three wires to connect the line, load, and ground. Then screw the switch into a place of your choice and snap the base plate over it.

You can plug this type of cable into your router during installation. At the same time, you need to connect with this switch using the app of an Android or iOS device. After connecting you pair each switch with the bridge by pressing the buttons with the app.


What has impressed me so far is the performance side, which the Lutron Caseta Dimmer Switch really shines. The dimming capabilities of your room will be smooth and consistent. So it provides a wide range of lighting options to illuminate every room you want.

This Lutron Caseta Dimmer Switch ensures a seamless transition between different lighting scenarios. So you’ll be pleased with the switch’s ability to remember dimming after each use. This switch also has a favorite button of mine that allows quick access to a preset dreaming level.

Control Pico Remote

This Pico remote is a strong feature of other smart system remotes. It is made with a mounting plate and outer casing with a cover, which you can switch anywhere without any wiring. If you want to add additional switches with this remote then you can use this remote.

This remote has additional special features that can be used for scene control. The model number of this remote is PJ2-4B-WH-L31P. It has four buttons added. With the help of these four buttons, you can set up specific scenes. This Pico remote will connect to the hub for scene control then you can control any light.

Final Verdict

This Lutron Caseta wireless lighting system will be the best option for most people who want to install smart switches. This Caseta works well in small or medium-sized homes as it has a standard range of 30 feet. However, you can extend the additional module range up to 60 feet if you wish.

I have been using this Caseta lighting in my home for several years and I am amazed at its performance. I first looked around the market and spent a lot of time reading various online forums before buying it. You can agree with this lighting that the Cassette is the most reliable system available.

It connects to many other home automation products, such as ceiling fans, light bulbs. It should fit seamlessly into your existing home lighting system. Or use the Lutron Caseta Wireless Lighting System to make your room the base of a growing smart home. I would strongly recommend this lighting system for use in your home.

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