Ninja AF101 Air Fryer 4 Quart Capacity Honest Review

Are you looking for the popular Ninja AF101 Air Fryer to make low-fat chips? This Ninja AF101 Air Fryer is becoming popular as a kitchen gadget. It can do a lot of cooking on its own as the brand’s entry-level air fryer but its price tag means it sits in the mid-range of the all-air fryer market.

According to Ninja, the 4 quart capacity of the air fryer is sufficient to cook 200g or 2lb of fries. This fryer can also be used to reheat and dehydrate your roasted food.

It uses significantly less oil than traditional deep fryers like other air fryers, the Ninja F-101 Air Fryer claims to require 75% less oil for cooking. This makes it a healthy way to enjoy delicious food like frying and chicken wings like the Cosori Air Fryer that will make you a crispy meal.

The air fryer will not get hot while you are cooking with it as there are holes in the bottom of the pan that circulate hot air around the food.

This Ninja Air Fryer has added four preset functions for cooking which you can make as default for each cooking. With these four preset functions, you can control the time and temperature using the touchscreen display.

If your family consists of four to six members who enjoy frying, chicken nuggets, and other delicacies then this will be the best air fryer for your family. If you are looking for an air fryer to enjoy delicious food then this Ninja AF101 Air Fryer will be perfect for your family. You can read my full review for more detailed information about this product.

Overview of Ninja AF 101 Air Fryer

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer Review

Before buying anything you need to consider and determine if you will get value for money. Usually, you need to look at the power and capacity when buying this air fryer because it is too small, can’t circulate air, or you need to consider the cleaning ease that is dishwasher safe.

Fortunately, the Ninja AF101 Air Fryer does well on all counts, with a 3.8 liter nonstick basket that you can easily fry up to 900 grams, or cook for four to six people on a medium basis.

It is fully dishwasher safe with drawers and four settings that adjust time and temperature controls. This Ninja Air Fryer has the function of dehydrating your food which sets it apart from other air fryers.

A Cosori Air Fryer is cheaper than a Cosori Toaster Oven in terms of price. If you want to buy an air fryer that looks a bit bigger then I would suggest you go for the Cosori Air Fryer. However, for most families, the Ninja Air Fryer will meet your regular cooking needs and turn them into delicious meals.

Ninja Design

The Ninja Air Fryer is circular in shape and has a dishwasher-safe fry basket. The capacity of this Ninja is 3.8 liters, or 4 quarts, which is comparable to other air fryers on the market. With them, you can easily roast, reheat, and dehydrate without air frying. With it, you can find versatile cooking skills like no other.

It has a smooth gray exterior that you can clean with a damp cloth. This air fryer is equipped with a four-centimeter or 1.26-inch LED display that lets you see the remaining cooking time.

With this display you can activate different cooking functions with four presets which have a default temperature and cooking time. If you want, you can manually adjust the time and temperature using the display buttons.

Ninja Performance

The Ninja Air Fryer works great for crispy foods that cook anything from fries to chicken wings perfectly. However, the air fryer does not need oil to cook your food, you may need some oil in the air fryer to get delicious food.

Even chicken wings, which can be cooked in other air fryers like the Instant Vortex Plus without any oil, you may need at least a spoonful of oil in the Ninja Air Fryer.

However, while chicken wings have this incredibly crispy skin, the meat is not as tender and juicy when cooked in a competing air fryer. The Ninja Air Fryer cooks crispy food for both handmade and frozen fries and makes soft potatoes. You don’t need to adjust either setting because the instruction book has detailed time and temperature recommendations, so no matter what you’re cooking, the results will be just right.

The Ninja Air Fryer cooks well on its own once it’s turned on, but you need to preheat it for three minutes before use. Ninja turns all items into equally crispy meals. However, you will receive an audible warning message when your cooking is complete

It has a vent on the top that expels hot air from the back of the device, as do many other air fryers. It’s impressive that you don’t need that much space around the machine.

Easy to Clean

You won’t have any problem cleaning this great kitchen tool, rather it can be cleaned very easily. This air fryer basket, crisper plate, and multi-layer rack can be cleaned with the help of the dishwasher. However, you need to clean it carefully because the device may be hot after you use it.

If you want, you can leave the basket of the device open under the tap water, which will cool down while cleaning. The air fryer basket and crisper plate are ceramic to prevent food from sticking and make it easy to wash.

Why buy Ninja Air Fryer?

The Ninja AF101 Air Fryer is a great device to save time in your kitchen by using various cooking functions. Like other air fryers, they have become ideal for couples, small families, and single families.

This air fryer offers many features, making it more flexible than most air fryers. It offers a lot of value for the price, so I would suggest you whether this device will be good for your family.

Although, there are cheaper air fryers on the market that can do the job just fine. But the powerful feature set you get with the Ninja AF101 is something other air fryers don’t offer.

You can buy cheaper than other air fryers, which are easier to clean and have more control over temperature and time. I think you need to buy this Ninja Air Fryer to surprise your cooking world.

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