Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging? (Easy To Fix)

If your Shark robot vacuum not charging, there might be an issue with the power supply or the charging dock. Take a look at the electrical plug, rope, and dock association to guarantee everything is appropriately associated and working.

Having a Shark robot vacuum can be a helpful method for keeping your floors perfect and clean. In any case, assuming that you experience an issue where your vacuum isn’t charging, it tends to disappoint. We will investigate a few normal justifications for why your Shark robot vacuum may not be charging and give straightforward answers to assist you with making it ready once more.

By following these investigating steps, you can ideally determine the issue and keep on partaking in the productive cleaning force of your Shark robot vacuum

Diagnosing The Issue: Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging 

When confronted with the baffling issue of a Shark robot vacuum not charging, diagnosing the problem is significant. There are a few normal causes that could be to blame. In the first place, check the power source and ensure it’s working appropriately.

Then, inspect the charging dock and guarantee it’s perfect and liberated from any garbage. Another conceivable guilty party is a broken battery, so check for any indications of harm or wear. Moreover, investigate the charging contacts on both the vacuum and the dock to ensure they are perfect and connecting.

Assuming that none of these arrangements work, it very well might be important to contact Shark Client Care for additional help. Distinguishing the particular issue with your vacuum is fundamental to tracking down the fitting arrangement and making your Shark robot vacuum ready once more. 

Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging

Fix 1: Check Power Connections

If your Shark robot vacuum is not charging, the initial step to take is to look at the power associations. Ensure that the power line is safely connected to both the vacuum and the power source. Assess the string for any apparent harm or frayed wires.

On the off chance that you notice any issues, supplant the line with another one. Furthermore, inspect the charging dock and guarantee that it is appropriately associated with a power source. Confirm that the charging pins on the dock and the vacuum are perfect and liberated from garbage, as this can influence the charging system.

Via cautiously examining and keeping up with the power associations, you can investigate and determine the issue of your Shark robot vacuum not charging. 

Fix 2: Reset The Vacuum

Resetting your Shark robot vacuum can be a straightforward answer for resolving charging issues. By playing out a speedy reset, you might fix the issue. To start with, make a point to switch off the vacuum and turn off it from the power source.

Then, at that point, find the reset button on the vacuum, which is much of the time found on the underside or close to the charging dock. Press and hold the reset button for something like 10 seconds. In the wake of delivering the button, plug the vacuum back in and turn it on.

This reset cycle can help the vacuum recalibrate itself and address any charging issues it could insight. If your Shark robot vacuum is not charging as expected, check this reset out before looking for additional help. It might save you time and disappointment. 

Fix 3: Clean The Charging Contacts

To guarantee productive charging of your Shark Robot Vacuum, it’s critical to clean the charging contacts routinely. Over the long run, residue, soil, and trash can gather on these contacts, obstructing the charging system. To clean them really, follow these means:

1. Begin by separating your vacuum from the charging dock and turning off the power rope.

2. Tenderly wipe the charging contacts on both the vacuum and the docking station utilizing a delicate, build-up-free fabric.

3. If there are difficult messes or grime, hose the material with a limited quantity of water or scouring liquor.

4. Guarantee that the contacts are dry before reconnecting the vacuum to the docking station.

5. Investigate the contacts for any indications of harm or consumption. On the off chance that fundamental, contact the client cares for additional help.

6. Rehash this cleaning system consistently to keep up with ideal charging execution for your Shark Robot Vacuum.

By cleaning the charging contacts consistently, you can guarantee that your vacuum charges proficiently, saving it for successful cleaning at whatever point you want it. 

Fix 4: Replace The Battery

Is your Shark robot vacuum not charging? One potential fix is to supplant the battery. The following are a couple of signs that show the requirement for a battery substitution. If your vacuum isn’t holding a charge however long it used to, or on the other hand if it’s not charging by any stretch of the imagination, it very well might be the ideal opportunity for another battery.

Another sign is on the off chance that the battery is enlarged or harmed. To eliminate and introduce another battery in your Shark robot vacuum, follow these means. To start with, find the battery compartment and eliminate the old battery. Then, at that point, embed the new battery and guarantee it is safely set up.

At long last, close the battery compartment and test the vacuum to check whether it is currently charging appropriately. By supplanting the battery, you can make your Shark robot vacuum back-ready productively. 

 Fix 5: Seek Professional Assistance

If your Shark robot vacuum not charging, and you have depleted every single imaginable fix, it very well might be an ideal opportunity to look for proficient help. Reaching client service or an expert is vital when you have attempted all investigating ventures without progress.

They can give master direction on the most proficient method to determine the charging issue or suggest approved assistance places for your Shark robot vacuum. Finding approved help communities for Shark robot vacuums should be possible by visiting the authority Shark site or reaching their client care.

They will want to guide you to the closest approved help communities where prepared professionals can analyze and fix the charging issue. Looking for proficient help guarantees that your Shark robot vacuum is safe and sound and that the charging issue gets settled. 


To summarize, if your Shark robot vacuum not charging, there are a few possible reasons and answers to consider. To begin with, ensure the charging dock is appropriately associated and the vacuum is accurately put on it. Check the power source and guarantee it is working appropriately.

Assuming that there are no issues with the dock or power source, examine the charging pins and clean them if fundamental. It is likewise worth inspecting the battery and supplanting it assuming it is old or harmed. Moreover, ensure no impediments are hindering the vacuum’s charging contacts.

At long last, if none of these arrangements work, it could be important to contact Shark client care for additional help. By following these means, you can investigate and determine the issue of your Shark robot vacuum not charging, guaranteeing its ideal presentation and accommodation in cleaning your home.

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