Wyze Camera Not Working? Troubleshoot and Fix the Issue Now!

The Wyze camera isn’t working on the off chance that it neglects to answer or shows no power. This can be because of issues with the power supply, Wi-Fi availability, or the camera’s equipment. 

Common Problems And How To Fix Them

Experiencing difficulty with your Wyze camera? We take care of you! Here are a few normal issues that you could experience and how to fix them:

Camera Not Powering On

In the event that your Wyze camera isn’t turning on, ensure it’s appropriately connected to a power source. Actually, look at the power connector and link for any apparent harm. Have a go at utilizing an alternate electrical plug or an alternate power connector to check whether the issue is with the power source. If none of these take care of the issue, it very well may be a flawed camera that should be supplanted.

Camera Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Unfit to interface your camera to Wi-Fi? Begin by checking in the event that your Wi-Fi network is working appropriately and on the off chance that different gadgets can associate with it. Guarantee that your camera is close enough to the Wi-Fi switch. Reset the camera and have a go at interfacing it once more. Assuming the issue continues, you might have to reset your switch or contact your network access supplier.

Camera Not Recording or Saving Footage

On the off chance that your camera isn’t recording or saving film, first check on the off chance that you have a microSD card embedded accurately in the camera. Check the microSD card’s stockpiling limit and organization it if vital. Guarantee that you have empowered the “Record Occasions As it were” highlight in the camera settings. Assuming the issue proceeds, have a go at rebooting the camera or reaching Wyze support.

Camera Not Detecting Motion

Is your camera not detecting motion as it should? Make sure that the camera’s motion detection feature is enabled in the settings. Adjust the sensitivity level if needed. Clear any obstructions around the camera that could interfere with its motion detection capabilities. If the issue persists, try resetting the camera or updating its firmware.

Camera Not Displaying Live Feed

Assuming that you can’t see the live feed from your Wyze camera, actually, look at your web association to guarantee it’s steady. Confirm that you have major areas of strength for a Fi sign and take a stab at drawing the camera nearer to the switch. Restart the camera and guarantee that the Wyze application is forward-thinking. On the off chance that the issue proceeds, connect with Wyze support for additional help.

Steps To Troubleshoot

Assuming you are confronting issues with your Wyze camera not working, there are a few investigating steps you can take to determine the issue. To start with, check the power supply and associations of the camera to guarantee it is getting power and appropriately associated.

Then, confirm your Wi-Fi organization and secret phrase to guarantee the camera is associated with the right organization. You can likewise take a stab at resetting the camera settings to default, which could help in settling any product issues.

Refreshing the camera firmware to the furthest down the line form can likewise work on its presentation and fix any bugs. Ultimately, changing the movement location settings can help streamline the camera’s usefulness as per your inclinations.

By following these investigating steps, you can determine most normal issues with your Wyze camera and get it working once more.

Additional Tips And Tricks

Guarantee Appropriate Camera Position: While setting up your Wyze camera, guarantee that it is set in an ideal area for usefulness. Stay away from blocks that might disrupt the camera’s view and position it at the right level and point.

Upgrade Wi-Fi Signal Strength: A powerless Wi-Fi sign can cause issues with your Wyze camera’s exhibition. To work on the sign, have a go at drawing your switch nearer to the camera or utilize a Wi-Fi extender. Moreover, guarantee that your camera is inside a sensible separation from the switch.

Utilize a MicroSD Card for Nearby Capacity: To improve the usefulness of your Wyze camera, consider embedding a MicroSD card for neighborhood capacity. This permits you to save and access recorded film straightforwardly on the camera, regardless of whether your web association is upset.

Empower Pop-up messages for Cautions: Remain informed about any dubious action or occasions by empowering pop-up messages on your Wyze camera. This will guarantee that you get moment cautions on your cell phone or other associated gadgets at whatever point movement or sound is recognized.

Contacting Wyze Support

Experiencing difficulty with your Wyze Camera not working? Sit back and relax, reaching out to Wyze Backing is the initial step to settling the issue. Wyze gives a scope of online assets and an Information Base to help you.

You can get to this important data to investigate normal issues and track down arrangements. On the off chance that you want customized help, presenting a help ticket is the best approach. With your ticket, you can give point-by-point data about the issue you’re confronting, permitting the help group to successfully help you more.

Moreover, joining the local area discussions can be an incredible method for drawing in different clients who might have encountered comparable issues and tracking down supportive tips and deceives. Thus, feel free to out to Wyze Backing for help with your camera inconveniences. 


Wyze cameras are without a doubt famous for their reasonableness and easy-to-understand highlights. In any case, it very well may be amazingly disappointing when you experience issues with your camera not working as expected. Fortunately investigating these issues doesn’t need to be a muddled errand.

On the off chance that you observe that your Wyze Camera Not Working, begin by really looking at the nuts and bolts. Guarantee that the camera is appropriately connected, the Wi-Fi association is steady, and that you have the most recent firmware introduced. In the event that these checks don’t tackle the issue, have a go at resetting the camera or reaching Wyze client service for additional help.

Make sure to routinely refresh your camera’s product to keep away from expected messes and guarantee ideal execution. By following these basic advances, you can determine many issues that might emerge with your Wyze camera rapidly and without any problem. While it tends to be baffling when your Wyze camera isn’t working, there are straightforward advances you can take to investigate and determine the issue.

Staying up with the latest and keeping the producer’s rules will go quite far in guaranteeing smooth activity. In view of these tips, you can keep on partaking in the advantages of your Wyze camera.

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