Anova Precision Cooker reviews: Cook effortlessly like a chef with ease

Thank you for joining us in this review. We have already purchased anova precision cooker so we can give you good advice on healthy reviews. After our full review, you will know all about this cooker.

This ANOVA is one of the top local names in sous vide-style cooking that has become popular among all. There are three models of cookers to choose from to get you cooking without any surprises. Among these three models, the precision cooker is the original model which is more popular than the other two models in terms of power and price.

It will provide you with improved temperature control and perfect results every time while cooking. You can easily cook your favorite steak, chicken, and soft-boiled eggs using this sous vide-style cooker.

Design for other precision cooker

Anova precision cooker is completely different from Nano precision cooker. It is made entirely of black design and has two stainless steel parts that will blend into your water container.

Nano and Pro precision cookers are almost identical in design. Although the Nano was originally created as a smaller version model of the Precision Cooker. This precision cooker was originally designed due to customer feedback. It has grown from 14.8 inches to 12.8 inches, keeping the same height as the Nano.

The Anova Precision Cooker has a large display control panel on which you can easily operate the cooker through its touch screen.

Anova Precision Cooker

Setup Process to cooking

When using the Precision cooker for the first time, there is no setup involved in the cooker, but if you want to control this cooker remotely with the help of an app, you need to download the app and connect the cooker’s integrated Wi-Fi.

You can easily connect the app to the cooker and control it from anywhere in the house. It may take a minute or so to connect the cooker to your app.

If you don’t want to use the app, the cooker also has touchscreen controls that you can easily control manually. You don’t need to connect the cooker to the app if you control it manually.

With the app, you can control it from another room which is convenient when you are dealing with long cooking times. Once you connect the app to the cooker, you can easily set the temperature and time on the touch screen for cooking.

Performance of cooking

First, you need to heat the water to the desired temperature to start cooking. This can take varying amounts of time depending on the power level of the submersible circulator and the starting temperature of the water.

The 1200-watt precision cooker I use takes 30 to 40 minutes to heat a 12-quart plastic pot of water to 70 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is a small vessel then it takes less time to heat the water in the vessel.

Anova Precision Cooker

I used the Anova precision cooker to cook a beef leg, about a three-pound bone-in roast. I set the temperature to 140° for 7 hours to get the best meat results. I then cooked the roast in the oven at 450 degrees for 20 minutes which after a while saw some color and texture increase on the outside. The color and texture came out brilliantly with the meat being perfectly cooked to moist, juicy meat.

I cooked some hard-boiled eggs and vegetables with the Anova precision cooker. I set the cooker temperature to 160 degrees while cooking. Eggs are cooked in less time.

Finally, I cooked a medium to hard-broiled chicken steak at 130 degrees using the Anova precision cooker. Then I put it in a hot oven for a few minutes, but I couldn’t give this steak a proper sear, but it cooked the cooker to a perfect medium with no bleeding on the meat and pink inside.


This Anova precision cooker is unique and different from all other models in terms of features. Even if you’re a beginner, this cooker has everything you need to make cooking easy. This model has been redesigned from previous versions based on customer demand. This cooker has a large touchscreen that will help you control the time and temperature for direct cooking.

Anova Precision Cooker reviews

The Wi-Fi connectivity of this cooker comes with a free sous-vide that provides cooking guidelines and recipes for all types of dishes. You can use this app without cooker if you want. But it’s a nice feature that lets you follow recipes to cook and learn.

Easy To Clean

Anova precision cooker always uses water for cooking, so it does not require much effort to clean it. Rinse very lightly with a large bowl of water and then dry with a clean cloth towel. Or you can clean the cooker by adding dishwashing soap to a bowl of water.


These precision cookers are topped with immersion circulator features that are a regular part of your sous-vide cooking life. When you cook with these Anova products, food tastes professional like a home chef, providing restaurant quality equipment at consumer prices.

Anova model products are of high quality and you can feel a cook when you pick one. This Anova cooker comes with a two-year warranty deal and a 100-day money-back guarantee that gives buyers interest with a firm belief in its product.

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